Website Design FAQs

How may we regularly edit our website page?

  • Edits are simplified with a dynamic web application that allows input and query of custom information.
  • This custom information updates your website page.

What are ecommerce, shopping cart features?

  • Editable catalog with your products and images
  • Form to collect customer information
  • Interface with merchant service bank for payment collection
  • Administration panel for order processing

What Is a Domain Name?

  • This is your address on the Internet.
  • We will use your "dot com" or register a new one. 
  • Dot "mobi" for smartphones is a condensed version of a full website.

What Is a Virtual Host Server?

  • The server stores your web pages for web surfing. This server is often at another location to free your server.
  • We are responsible for launching your website to this server.

What Is a Search Engine and Indexing?

  • Search engines crawl the internet regularly to find and index new pages.
  • We will publicize or index your site with the key ones so that your site is noticed.

How Is a Website Designed?

  • Meet with our representative at our office or your place of business.
  • Provide a good quality logo, photos, and images.
  • Identify the audience you're trying to reach and the message you want them to understand.

What Timeframe Is Involved?

  • Allow one week for the first few proof pages. Additional pages may be uploaded to the server the same day if there are minor changes.
  • The length of proof turnaround is dependent upon the complexity of the website.

What Proofs Are Used?

Internet proofs are email hot linked for your review.

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